HRA Approval - What you need to know

Welcome to the Medical Research Council's introduction to the HRA Approval process.

The MRC Regulatory Support Centre has summarised the HRA Approval process from an applicant’s perspective, to help support our community with the process. This tool helps you navigate the definitive guidance from the Health Research Authority, mapping the steps in the process and incorporating tips. The tool will develop as HRA and site processes and guidance evolve and more tips come to light. We’d like to know if you find the tool useful, so please feedback your thoughts:

Click on each station below to find out more. If this is your first time here, we recommend visiting all stations before starting your application.

Last updated 27th September 2017

routemap What is HRA approval? Is my study eligible? Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. How to apply. HRA Assessment Working with NHS sites. Approval obtained. Site confirmation. Sponsor says start. During the study. End of study.

Station colours are for orientation only.

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